Ten Quick Tips for Better Presentations

Ten Quick Tips for Better Presentations

These tips serve as quick reminders for anyone giving a presentation or speech. You should review these delivery tips a few times prior to your presentation.

  1. Maintain eye contact with your audience. That is, move your eyes slowly from one member of the audience to another.  Do not quickly flicking from one to the other as if you are searching for the guilty party, but hold each random member of the audience for a second or two.
  2. Don’t worry about stumbling over words, or mispronouncing a difficult word. This is what we hear every day in our conversations with others; consequently it sounds normal to the ear of your audience. It means you won’t sound like a robot.
  3. Maintain consistent enthusiasm for your subject and your audience. You do this with your voice tone and pitch. An enthusiastic speaker captures and maintains the attention of the audience. Don’t fall into the “driverless car” mode.
  4. Use your hands naturally but don’t wave like a maniac.
  5. If you are at a podium with audio support, speak clearly into the microphone but don’t grab the microphone as if you are about to strangle it.
  6. If you use a radio microphone, move around the stage in order to capture and maintain attention. Standing rigidly at a lectern makes speakers look mummified.
  7. Alter your delivery speed and volume in order to add drama. Find the points of emphasis in your speech and make sure they are properly emphasised.
  8. Don’t speak for too long without breaking your presentation. If you go for 20 minutes, pause to take some questions on what you have covered so far.
  9. Beware of acronyms, idiom and jargon – consider your audience. They don’t want a clever speaker; they want someone who will impart knowledge or information.
  10. MOST IMPORTANTLY – add pauses regularly. Allow your audience time to absorb the ideas that you are conveying.


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